Bailey by Bev and Mal Seoane / Mommy and Papa

Bailey, it is so hard to come home
its so very hard to be alone.
My best friend used to be here
to greet me at the door,
but your not here anymore.

You’re not in the backyard,
You’re not in my bed,
You’re not waiting for me
tail wagging and tilting your head.
You filled our lives with such love
and now you’re with the angels above.

Bailey, you were one of a kind
and no other dog will be as fine.
We were blessed when you came into
hearts. You won us over right from
from the start!

At least now you’re at peace in a
place with no pain,

It just hurts so very much knowing
we will never see you again.

Its hard to come home, its so empty
and so very cold.

You were the warmth and you were the
very heartbeat to my soul.


We will always love and miss you,
25, June 2008
Bev and Mal Seoane