Bailey by Herb

The kid next door
Put a rose on my fence
Because Bailey died.

Bailey was my dog.
He loved to smell flowers.
He loved to lie beside me
And pretend Tv was important.

He once brought me his pillow
To put behind my head on a
day that I was tired.

He also knew
How to laugh and
How to play jokes.

He lived for ten years at my side
And a big part of me has died
With him.

I cried when I had to say
“Stop his suffering put
Him to sleep.”
We couldnt help him any other way.

I only hope he dreams of me
And in his loving heart forgives me
For taking away his life!

And that he can sense the tears
Which still fall from my eyes.
Whenever I think of something
He did to show me how much
I meant to him!



17, August 2001