Bailey by Katie / Katie and Family

Bailey was my best friend. He had soft red and white fur. He always had such expression in his eyes. They were a rich brown with black ringlets surrounding them. Bailey wasn’t any ordinary collie; he weighed more than 100lbs when we first got him! He arrived in my family not too long ago, and had a short visit. The thing that awed me the most was he seemed to understand me inside out. I always swear he was an angel, as crazy as that may seem. But I do believe that everyone has a guardian angel, and he was mine. You’ve seen people who talk to their pets; well I’m one of them. I would sit on my stairs and just talk with him, and he would look at me as if he understood. Pets do understand what we say, and I know he did.
One day I’ll never forget was the day we had to put him down. Let’s backtrack for a second. He came to my family when he was seven years old and had really bad hips since he was a puppy. When he was put down, he was a good age of twelve. So like I said in the beginning, it was a short visit. That day was the worst day of my life, but yet was the best day. I cried and just sat there on my couch, and he came up to me and laid his head on my lap. It was like he knew what was going on, and he was trying to comfort me. Bailey never left my side, not even at the vet’s office. My family and I walked into the vet and we waited. The vet brought us into a room and gave us a few minutes to say goodbye. My mother and stepfather stayed and I walked out, but before I did, I took one more look at him. His once beautiful coat turned into this matted mess, and his face looked as if he was attacked with silver. He seemed to nod his head when I was about to turn away as if to say, “Go on, I’ll be okay.” I wanted to stay with him, but couldn’t bear it. I felt so guilty for the longest time after. But that was the worst part of the day. The best part was he was sent to a better place and will wait at the “gates of heaven.”
I knew that he was in pain by the way he would look at me. He wouldn’t “complain” as to whine, but he would have a look of hurt in his eyes. He understood me, and it was about time that I repaid him by putting him out of his misery. In the last five years that he was with me, he taught me a lot. He taught me the true meaning of friendship, patience, and what pain was. You will never know what pain is until you lose a true friend. Bailey left behind a galore of memories and I will never forget the “conversations” that we had. All I can say now is “if love could’ve saved him, he’d still be here by my side.”


Missing you,