Bailey by Molly Malloy / Mommy

I’ll never forget the day
when I had to say goodbye,
I held you so tightly in my arms
until you safely
reached the sky.

My heart was beating so fast
knowing yours was about to stop,
To enter into your new world
with other ones we lost and
to be there for grand pap.

Mommy had to let you go
so your pain would go away,
I promise to hold the love
you gave to me until
we meet again someday.

My memories of you will be kept
inside my valued treasure,
This is a place I’ll have
for you so we could always be together.

Only you have the key
to open it up and see,
What I hold for you
in this special place until
we meet again in eternity.

So feel free at anytime
to open up my beating heart,
It will always be there
for you to know we’ll
never really be apart.

For now I must thank God
for giving me you up until
your very last breath,
I must understand he had a reason
and that I shouldn’t
be angry over your death.

God will choose the time
when he wants us back together,
And when that time comes
it will last forever.

He will take good care
of you for he will be your guide,
So follow him to the Rainbow Bridge
and wait for mommy to be right
by your side.

You were always my little angel
who now has wings to fly,
I know you’ll come to get me
when it is my turn to safely
reach the sky.


With Love,
27, Dec 2004
Molly Malloy