Bailey by Sarah / Sarah

I had Bailey for as long as I can remember.She was older than me.I loved her more than anyone could know.As time went on Bailey started to forget things,like where to go to the bathroom,when&when not to bark,and ever her name.She couldn’t see or hear well either.One day my mom said that we were going to have to put her to sleep.I was so sad! I managed not to cry in school,but at home I would cry all the time!When the day came I wanted to go to the vets so I could be the last person she saw,but as soon as the car left our driveway I started crying and told my Dad to stop and let me go home. My Mom didn’t want to go either,so we cryed together. It’s been really quiet since she went away, but i’m not crying as much now.Please keep Bailey and my familey and I in your prayers.


I will love you always,