Bailey by Stanley

It’s a lot quieter now since you left
Though I can’t say it’s better.
A truer friend I never had;
All you ever expected was me.
In the end you looked to me
To ease your pain
And all I saw was pity.
Poor stupid me.
Now the days are long and still dark
As I reach for your tender touch
And honest embrace
Only to see you aren’t there.
Where are you now that I need you?
You were always there
With your quiet solitude and support.
You were the friend I needed when no one could be my friend.
Non-judgmental and always willing to lend a hand
I wish I had taken a better cue from you.
And maybe now it’s not too late
To learn from a friend.
Bon Voyage! Pleasant dreams
As you chase and run through fields of clover.
I pray forgive the soul I showed in my weaker times.
You took my pain and
In the end I hope I eased yours.
I owed you that much.
From your first whimper to your
Jumps of joy
You will always be with me.
A part of me.
As they say it is true.
All dogs have their day
And all dogs do go to heaven.
Till we meet again
My friend.



25, Feb 2001