BamBam by Allison Moore / Mom

My Bambam is now gone. He passed away 11-02-02 because of a careless person we let stay in our home to take care of my pets. We went camping on 9-13-02 through 9-15-02 and that was the weekend he was missing and after 1 month of searching and wondering if he was ok and warm and have food we found him and was in bad shape.

We found him 10-17-02 the next day we took him to the vet where he had surgery because they found trash in him. He lived 2 weeks after that his lungs failed on him. The day he passed was the day my whole life changed and never will be the same again. He will always be missed. All the Christmas’s and birthdays watching him play outside and especially sleeping with me at night, I wish there is something I can do to bring him back to me. I am hurting so much over him.

Bambam, I want to say I am so sorry we left you with that man whom I thought was a good person to take care of you and if I had it to do over again I would not have gone camping. But I do know you are not suffering no more and are in a better place. Bambam we will all miss you and love you always. May you rest in peace……love always your mom.


Allison Moore