Bandit by Bob, Hazel, Kim and Mark / Dad, Mom and Kim

Bandit was a special dog, if you can call him a dog. He was a child with four legs, with such understanding and personality. He was beside you at all times when you were sick or sad and lonely. When I would come home for lunch or after work, he would be there to greet me tail wagging and running like a rabbit with his hair on fire,
jumping up to your knees.

He would sit in your lap and give you kisses on your feet, hands and neck. He would look up to you and stare at you for a long period of time. He could win a staring contest. He would paw you to get something to eat, let you know when he finished eating and stand at the door to let you know he wanted to go outside. After his business, he would jump and shake all over, and run toward you with such relief. When he was little, he loved to catch bubbles you blew out from the bottle. We thought he would live forever and never knew or remember life before him. It was like
he had always been with us.

He loved to ride in the car with my parents, go to the bank and get a milk bone. Go to the beach house or condo and lay outside with the breeze in his face. Now, it’s like what happened? I just saw him Friday before I left for the weekend. Wish I had hugged him one more time, a kissed him on his forehead and brushed his soft hair. I would put him to bed and caress his back and tell him what a good boy he is. So many memories of our beloved pet. How we miss him and still hear him. I wish we could’ve done things differently, or said things with more love to him instead of being impatient with his constant barks and pestering, pawing. Little did we know he was suffering? Bladder Stones and Cushing Disease. Loss of Hearing and sight.

He was 91 in people years! He lived a very good life and went to many places. Not one place did someone say ? What a cute dog you have?. If only we had known or seen the signs more clearly. We still act as if he was here. Saving him some pieces of food after meals, all of his habits, his personality, his bark, tags on the collar clinging together, his toenails clicking on the plastic mats in my room as he walked around the room, everything about him.

Pushing back the curtains to check what?s going on outside and barking. He was a very good watchdog. Loved everyone who came to visit after they were thoroughly inspected. Mark, my sweetheart would toot the Toyota Horn when he pulled into the driveway and Bandit would go crazy till he came into the door and lick his hands. He loved Mark.


To our Beloved Bandit,
21, May 2005
Bob, Hazel, Kim and Mark