Bandit by Gerald & Voight Freeman / Mama and Daddy

Tomorrow, our “Little Big Guy”, you have been away for one year. A year of pain and sorrow. We still have you in our hearts and I carry you everywhere I go. You were 7 years and 41 days old “Bandit” when God called you home. Mom and Dad, along with Buffy and Gizmo, sure miss you little guy. You were so special to each of us in your own little way. You were a cute little bugger and gave us so much unconditional love. You were such a big part of this family and we still miss you so. We know you’re in Heaven now playing with all the other puppies and are warm and pain free. It’s been so hard to go on without you little guy, but we know in our hearts you’re in the good Lord’s home.

You bought so much joy and love to us and all of those who came in contact with you. If tears could build a stairway and heartache make a lane; I’d walk the Heaven gates, to bring you back again. You keep your eyes wide open and your little ears perked up, “Goober”,cause when we cross that Golden Bridge you’ll be in our arms again.

Sadly missed by Buffy and Gizmo,
and your everloving owners,
Gerald and Voight Freeman


Our Love,
3, Feb 2005
Gerald & Voight Freeman