Bandit by Sharon Rowley / Your Human Mommy, Baaaa

By the time I brought you Bandit into my home at 9 days old and bottle fed you; you thought of me as your mommy. Oh what a personality you had. You would lose site of me and start crying and looking for me. I would baaa back to you and let you know where I was. Bandit had a great time in the local Parade at 5 months old. You got to play with kids and even got time on the radio with you baaa. You love to go with me to barn and feed the horses and chickens. How you love to play with the dogs in the back yard, actually you never knew you was a goat. I know you love to eat chicken food, cat food and horse food. You did not like plain old goat food.

Being a Nubian goat you had a different baaaa than any other kinds of goats. Bandit was a little over a year old when he went to rainbow bridge. He had stones in his bladder that the vet could not remove. But his short time here on earth he was a Happy Little fellow.


I love You Bandit, Rest In Peace.
Sharon Rowley