Bandit by The Santarelli Family /

My Dearest Bandit

I wish so much that you were here,
to hear your collar jingle and to have you near.

I didn’t know Bandit, I am so sorry I didn’t say goodbye to you,
I wish I could hold you close once more and explain to Papa it was just too soon for you.

Though I will never again be able to hug and kiss you or feel your wet nose, there are some things I want you to know.

You were my very loyal true friend and if it were up to me, your life would have no end.

For sixteen years I enjoyed you so much, you were as cute as can be and so soft to the touch.

Your quirky habits were the most fun of all, my favortie was you always stealing everyone’s things and carrying them up the hall.

You always protected me and stood by my side, you were are a proud friend that would never hide.

I wish for you now a warm, blanket covered sleep, with dreams of Ferro Roche’s and tasty steaks to eat.

Bandit, your eternal sleep will not be alone, you took the piece of my heart with you, that you had all along.


With Love from one of many who loved you
29, Apr 2003
The Santarelli Family