Bärli by Nanna / Nanna

Our daughter Kosima wanted a cat, when she was 7 Years old. In the local pound were no kittens ready to be taken home. So we answered an ad and visited the home of the kittens. We chose Hexi and her brother Bärli from a litter of a short haired 3-coloured cat, who had two short haired tiger boys (grey and orange) and three long-haired 3-coloured girls. My husband chose Bärli, because he had an orange tomcat, when he was a boy and we chose Hexi, because we never had seen such a cute kittie before and we thought it was good for both to have company when we were at work. They both had a nice life with us.

When his sister passed away in 1998, we had two young Norwegian Forest Cats. Fiona and Farina were 5 months old and he got very attached to them, playing with them like a kittie and grooming each other. When the girls grew larger they only stayed normal fellow-cats. Since 2 years before he had chronicle vomiting an diarrhea sometimes and the vets did not find out why. It grew worse the next year and I could prolong his life for a second year by giving him an injection Daily,which improved his condition a little bit. At last he was so sick and weak, that the vet had to redeem him.

I see him often in my imagination playing in a beautiful landscape, together with Hexi, Bärli sitting on the back of the elephant they had to shoot in Leipzig when they could not save him from the big flood.


Bärli, we will never forget you!