Bart by Michael De Wilde / Michael

A message from Bart

I have walked the flower covered rooftops of a Toronto townhouse and relaxed in the quiet elegance of Langdon Hall. I have slept in Montreal hotels and scampered through the woods of Vermont with dear and close friends. I have been to Niagara Falls and christened the trees on Bay Street. In the close company of family I have traveled across this continent in the comfort on an RV and met and seen strange and wondrous sights.

I have seen the gathering of bald eagles at Brackendale and walked in the dark waters of the Fraser. I have trotted around Granville Island market and ridden the ferries across to the Island. I have been to the Sunshine coast and Bowen and spent many hours on the long sandy beaches of Tofino.

I journeyed thousands of kilometers in my SUV and I have given voice to my opinion on many matters which I have witnessed. I have attended Board of Directors meetings and I have met puppies and infants. I have shared my sofa with good friends and many visitors and played tug-of-war with the unsuspecting.

I have visited my neighbors’ homes and shared the joy of their company. All this I have done in the company of my life long friend, companion and brother in paws. He has shared every day with me since I was six months old. No night was ever too dark, no storm too loud or any wait too long with him beside me.

I have been blessed to have kindness and compassion with me everyday and the most delicate, loving and caring feminine hands to soothe my sore ears and stroke my head. I am content. I now rest my head in the lap
I love and go to sleep.

14 January, 1999 – 14 June, 2005


In my thoughts always,
14, June 2005
Michael De Wilde