Bartman by Janeen / Mama

I got Bart when he was only 4 weeks old and the first place he ever went to was a biker bar. I had him wrapped up in a towel and went to the biker bar that me and several others that ride went to every afternoon.

The bartender asked me what I had there and I told him “I have my baby” and layed the towel wrapped Bart up on the bar. Some people came by and commented on him and said he was cute (bikers can be nice people) and he stayed wrapped up on the bar til we (his daddy and I) left.

We brought him home and he couldn’t even walk – his little legs would just go “splat” out from up under him. I was worried because he wouldn’t eat and ALMOST returned him to his birth mama, but I started to wean him with milk with a little bit of tuna in it and he rallied around and his highest weight was 16 lbs!!!

Bart was a joy then and still is – even if only in my heart.

I miss you baby boy and love you, miss you terribly.


With so much love in my heart,