Basil by Candice


My Miniature Schnauzer
with big puppy eyes
was taken away from me
from Earth into the skies.
Basil James Bowman was his name
and sleeping playing and food
was his game.

My mother yells out
“where is Dad” to Basil
he searches and searches
looking bedazzled.
Behind the door Basil
will then find him
then hugs and kisses
he would get from him.

Basil James Bowman was more
than a canine
he was more treated like a human.
Upstairs sleeping
in his air-cond bed
to someone always being there
to pat him on the head.

Basil Baby will be always
remembered dearly
as the sweetest cutest dog
that ever tooked place
in our family history.



19, Feb 2002