Baylee by Dennis, Mary Kay & Travis / Daddy, Mommy & Travis

Our Dear Sweet Baylee;

It’s hard to believe you’re gone. I open the door each day and wait for you to come running to me. You are missed so much by all of us. Neighbor’s, Friends and family can’t believe that you’re not here anymore. You were the perfect dog. I remember each night we’d tell you, time to go nite nite and off to Travis’ bed you’d go. In just a little bit you’d come to our room to let us know that Travis was asleep and we’d tell you good girl and you’d run back in Travis’ room and sleep with him until morning.
I miss our afternoon naps Baylee. You used to always want to get under the cover with me and sleep right up beside my leg. When I was sad, you’d comfort me. When we were all happy, you were the happiest. Pikachu (your baby slipper) that you carried around with you everywhere is in a special place.
Our hearts mourn for you sweetie, we know it wasn’t meant for you to go, everyone tells us it was just an accident. That doesn’t make it any easier. We pray to God everyday that if he needed you to play with the boys and girls in heaven then we know that we can survive. I cry just typing this thinking about you.
We miss you so much. Our lives will never be the same without you, our perfect little Baylee. We will always love you.


With all our love forever,
30, May 2003
Dennis, Mary Kay & Travis