Beamer by Amy Palmer / Mommy

Deep brown soulful eyes that gaze up

at me with love,

Trusting, kind, gentle soul,

you were sent from above,

To bring boundless joy and

the truest love to me,

Etched in my heart you’ll forever be.

Big soft tail wags lovingly greet one and all,

No matter human, feline, or bunny so small.

Shower love on all you meet,

you know no enemies or strangers,

With you, precious girl,

helpless creatures feel no danger.

It took little effort on mommy’s part,

To train you for therapy because

it’s in your heart.

A natural at giving love and affection away,

From schools to rest homes

you made everyone’s day.

You’ve had a better life than most,

Shopping at Wal-Mart and jet-setting

coast to coast.

You even accompanied me to the county library,

And sniffed through the stacks

without being wary.

You helped me select Blockbuster videos to view,

And sat in on school meetings like

part of the crew.

People associate me with you and you with me,

We’re joined at the hip, and forever will be.

Now you’re in heaven, free to frolic and play,

And do favorite things that once made your day:

Take long “sniffy” walks and bask in the sun,

Curl up in warm laundry when it is done,

Sniff every inch of heaven

with your little Beagle nose,

And strike your adorable sit-up pose.

Eagerly scarf down your liver treats,

Run laps through the house

after ripping mommy’s socks from her feet,

Leisurely lounge on the pillows of mommy’s bed,

Tilt your chin up toward me

for a rub on the head.

Roll on your back for a long belly rub,

Snuggle up in the down comforter

like a little bear cub,

Help me “clean” my dinner dishes,

Enjoy ear slides, nuzzles, cuddles and kisses.

Although you’re physically no longer here,

I know you’re still with me,

my sweet little dear,

Reassuring me that you’re just fine,

my very best friend,

Sweet Beamer, our time together will never end.

I’m so in love with you and you with me,

Companions we will forever be.


All My Love,
15, Feb 2003
Amy Palmer