Beamer by JR and Judy Prevatte / Daddy and Mommy

For Beamer, our little man, with love –

You were such a sweet boy with a beaming face,
We knew in a heartbeat you’d brighten our place.

Daddy’s birthday gift you were meant to be,
As we brought you home we were filled with glee.

But quickly we realized how sick you were,
And doctors could not seem to find a cure.

While it’s true you came to us not for long,
We know God took you where you belong.

Yes, it broke our hearts to say goodbye,
We know it was right but we’re still asking why?

You were only a puppy so filled with love,
But God said he needed you up above.

A little girl was very lonely up there,
Seems she needed a puppy’s love to share.

Beamer, you’re now at Rainbow Bridge,
Watching with Hennessey from up on the ridge.

You’re happy and carefree and free of pain,
And we know that someday we’ll see you again.


We love you and will miss our dear sweet boy!
12, Sep 2007
JR and Judy Prevatte