Bear by Neal&Family

Just a fuzz-ball in OpaÆs shirt pocket Yappy little pup Three little children stared in awe Can we hold him? Can we pet him? Pleeez?

You have served your family loyally Warning us of danger and strange faces Do we have company? Or is it just a doorbell on TV?

Butt your head at our feet Start a playful foot fight We just couldnÆt slap anyone or clap hands Bear you protectively gnashed and growled.

You snuggled with your family Slept in their beds or by the fireplace All you needed was a little love Something to eat and a place to pee.

You had your Thanksgiving dinner too Sometimes your table etiquette exceeded ours And Mommy always remembered a Christmas stocking And some treats under the tree.

The fleas insisted on trying to get a piece of you But we drove them all away With ointment and dust and fog And disgusted kids giving you a bath.

Chloe first laid eyes on you hair straight up Was it going to be war? Kitchen to living room; living room to kitchen Around and around you chased her or did she chase you?

Just a loving friendship ætween the species You swat at her she bites at you You jump back and yelp Silly didnÆt even know she has no front claws.

I see your collar hanging on the door And thereÆs your leash too I see your head in the breeze of the car window Tongue dangling in pure joy.

The food dish sits half full You always managed to eat ChloeÆs first anyway Your feline friend looks for you but cannot find you She says Where did my brother go?

No need to beg anymore never hunger again Never have a blurry sight or a toothless breath that kicks You can wallow on the ground and play in an open field forever And always chase your tail.

Just a fuzz ball in OpaÆs shirt pocket A yappy little pup The three little children are now young adults But Bear-Bear youÆll always be a puppy.


Renee and Neal Emery Jason Rickard Stephanie and Brandon Downs Jennifer Page Jim and Irma Rickard Chris and Carleen Hickey Winfried and Alice Rickard Terry and Phyllis Rickard Curtis Rickard The David Buvel Family Patti Stone Al Downs & Chris Bailey


28, Nov 2000