Bear by Rebecca / Your sweet little girl

When you were 1, I remember picking you up from the pound and then bringing you home. I remember you were a tough, protective dog. You used to scare the cats, skunks,and birds away.

When you were 8, you started having trouble with you back legs.
It occured to me that you were having trouble.

At the age of 12, you never wanted to be petted, anymore.
I knew there was something wrong.

At the age of 14, when we brought you to the vet for your tooth to get pulled out, I knew you wouldn’t make it. I was right. When the doctor called us, I knew you didn’t make it. I cried everyday and night. When I told the kids at school what happened, I tried to stay cool, but it just didn’t help. I pray for you day and night, and just try to bring you back.

I know that you’re safe with god, and your watching over me now.
You will always be remembered in my heart!


Much love,