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Your Mama


Mama misses you so very much and I will always love you with all my heart….you were one of a kind, so very, very special, I was truly blessed to have you as my Baby Bear.

You came to Mama when you were only 3 days old, weighing only 8 ounces, you were abandoned at the shelter, you looked like a little rat, you were so tiny, I just never thought you could grow up into such a beautiful boy. You were such a strong baby to make it through all that you did. What a joy it was to see you grow from the days of feeding with syringes, baby bottles, baby food and then growing up to be a big boy to eat puppy food. What a thrill it was to see your eyes begin to open, burping you, rubbing your tummy, each day was such a delight to wake up with you by my side….to see you grow up to walk, run, play. You were just like raising a baby…..and you WERE a baby…..Mama’s Baby Bear…..I used to be so happy and content after each bottle feeding when you would nestle in my neck and find my ear lobe to suck on until you fell asleep. You had no Mama so I had to be your Mama and do the best I could.

Of course you went through all the normal puppy stages, and you were the cutest puppy on this earth. Every year we celebrated your birthday and you would just love to hear your songs….”Happy Birthday, Bear” and “Smokey the Bear”….you did so many funny and happy things, you loved your walks, you would always let Mama know if somebody was around…. but most of all, you brought so much happiness and love in my life….

The years just seemed to pass so quickly, your favourite place was under the computer desk, you would nudge my leg, because you wanted to go into your “house” as we called it. I knew you wanted to be close to your Mama. Then at 11 years of age, you developed a blood disorder, but with medication we were able to control it. Bear, I wish I could tell you all that is in my heart right now, how does one even find the words?

Suddenly one day you became ill, I couldn’t get you to the vet in time, but you knew, you knew your time was coming so you went under the desk here and within a matter of minutes you went to be on the other side of the bridge. I miss you so much, I miss all the love you showed me, I miss feeling you by my side, you taught me so many things, you were my baby, my guard, my light.

My heart feels so empty now, but I still feel your presence and spirit here and I always will. I will be waiting for the day when my time comes as then we will be joined together again. This time there will be no return, no pain, no suffering, my Baby Bear, and until then, little Sweetheart, you wait for your Mama and when that day comes I can hardly wait to see your big brown eyes light up when we see each other, come running to Mama, and Mama will give you the biggest hug ever!!

I love you, my Baby Bear….and I will always miss you while I am on this earth. If you only knew how special you were, if you only knew how much joy and happiness you brought to your Mama….when you were ill and ready to go, Mama said with tears streaming down my face, I said you will always be my one and only Baby Bear. And you will be.


I LOVE YOU, BEAR with all my heart!!!!
10, Mar 2005
verna elaine