Bear(Bubba) by The Raffertys / Mommy/Daddy

We picked you up from the shelter when you were 2 months old. You were the little fluffly black lazy one. You hid under the seat of the car, so timid and scared.

As the years went by you guarded our house day and night, in rain, snow, or sun. Standing your ground at the gate protecting us from raccoons, skunks, & pesky salesman.

Every day your unconditional greeting is what we waited for at the end of the day.

You outlived Boots, Bizmark and Ranger.

When you were about 8 your age started to show, except when a cat would trespass in our yard. You waited for the mailman each and every day, even when you struggled to get up with your weary legs.

Little did we know those legs would carry you 7 more years. How happy we were to have you for so many great years. When you turned 14 and no longer wanted us to pet you we knew in our heart it would soon be time to let go. The last final straw was to help ease some of your tooth pain. We thought it would help, maybe a few more years, a few more months. We denied you were ever going to leave. We tried so hard to hold on forever. But in the end you were just tired. Although we miss you dearly every day, we know now that you are guarding the gates with your strong legs waiting to greet us again!!

We love you stinky boy. Rest in peace.


Good Bye our Boy
The Raffertys