“Bears’ie” by Vickie G. / Mommy and Gramma

She was my one and only “baby”. We had 15 years together, from 8 weeks old. We biked, walked and rode, she loved to do. Her health and organs were super, up until Nov. 2007 when I noticed red-looking infection in her mouth, upper jaw area. I took her to the “vet” for a check, they took a sample and found it to be “bone cancer”. What a shocker, when she showed no pain or symptoms of discomfort, except a bulge on the outside of her check. We chose to remove it. In 7 days, it returned. We removed it again, and it took 2 weeks, this time, to return. I did not utilize chemo or radiation, and put her thru that torture. I administered “homeopathic” meds and conventional meds to slow down the growth.It started to affect her breathing, sinus area.

We tried to get that under control, but the bleeding from the cancer then went into her throat and affected her appetite/eating. That’s when I had to accept that the meds no longer could work and get into her system, for she would loose her cookies. The next day, we went to see her Doc and look inside to see if it was a “quick fix” again. After the evalution of her inner mouth, we had to realize the pain
and discomfort she was enduring.

I read 2 beautiful poems from this website, “The Departing” and “Your Dog’s in Heaven” and chose to call on the “doggy angels” to bring her to the “rainbow bridge”. I SOOO miss her and its been 2 weeks, from last night, and it’s hard to accept her physical presence is no longer, but I have her, again, in mind and soul and her ashes with me where ever I may go and her “favy” places she liked to go. 3 Months of Cancer, now she’s gone, but not in pain and not forgotten.
Cancer is so NOT fair to all.


We miss and Love you,
Vickie G.