Beatrice (Sissy) by Di Springer / Missing You, Mommy

My little Sissy has died today,
closed those sweet eyes and went away.
Though I cried many tears,
I can’t help but smile
when I think of all the happy years.
Her sweet little face,
her stubborn and loyal ways,
Sissy was always there day after day.
When I came home she was right
there by the door,
Through her sixteen years of life,
this sweet little dog couldn’t
have loved me more.
This pet was a gift here for a while,
to love and care for and make me smile.
The time has come for me to say goodbye,
it won’t be easy
but my little dogs love
is worth the pain,
so I won’t ask why.


"Goodbye Sissy"",
Beatrice (Sissy)
27, Dec 2009
Di Springer