Beau by Kim and Tim / “your”” people”


The sunlight comes through the window
and falls on the place you used to lay
Always at my feet,
but now the spot is empty, unlike yesterday
I listen for your breath at night,
hearing you sleep at the foot of the bed
But only the still silence answers,
and sadness wells in my head.

I keep expecting your eager black nose
to poke through the bathroom door
Or follow me to the kitchen,
waiting for crumbs to fall to the floor
At six o’clock, for you it was time to eat
Oh, if we had Chicken,
you were sure to get a treat!

Grief comes in waves, as memories abound
And I long for just a few more days
with you around
Guilt, “what if”s, and
“how could I not have known”
That moment of decision,
not to let you go alone.

I re-live the happy times,
while even though I knew
I would have to let you go someday,
as all dog lovers do
Never have I loved a dog like
I’ve loved you these 14 years
You were so very special and
your absence still brings tears.

I see your grave through the window;
it’s under the tree in the yard
I’ll plant flowers there
in the springtime,
maybe by then it won’t be so hard
To remember you with a smile and
thanks for the love you shared
You asked so little in return,
to be close was all you cared

Peace will replace pain,
and one day I will find
Just warm memories and love
are left behind
When my time on earth is over
and my years are at an end
You’ll be waiting at the Rainbow Bridge
and we’ll be together again.

Kimberly Lansdon © 11/09/08


We'll never forget you Beau, we love you.
6, Nov 2008
Kim and Tim