Becky Ryan by Vince Ryan / Dad

Becky was my first and most loved guinea pig (cavy). Originally I thought cavies were mean spiteful animals, carriers of disease and unsavory. In short I hated the idea of having these creatures in my house. But both my children had one of their own and I grew fond of the little cavies. Then the kids did something unexpected, they took me to Petco and pooled their christmas money to buy me my own cavy
as a christmas present.

I saw Becky she was the only one in the cage. Looking so sad and lonely I knew I had to take her. Her red eyes and razor back hair along with her more pointed nose and leaner shape made her different from the other cavies I had seen.
We bonded almost instantly.

By the end of the first day she had found her favorite spot to sit on my shoulder facing out, checking everything out. Her purrs of happiness made even the worst day better. She had babies and I still have most of them, but their not Becky. Her favorite game was to lie in her house and wait for another piggy to walk by then reach out and
playfully nip their fur.

We were given a black piggy by the name of Angel who when we got her was almost too young to have left her momma, the other piggies picked on her driving her away from the treats, the food and water. That is until Becky adopted her. At that point any piggy harassing Angel had to deal with Becky. Becky was not shy about putting the others
in their place either.

Because of this Angel is an accepted member of our clan, well adjusted and happy. The night Becky died her children all cried, I cried, I still break down when I think about her which is often. I miss my Becky more than words can say. I know her children and clan mates miss her too. It’s a sad house here with her gone.

I pray that someday we will be reunited on the other side of heaven. Truthfully if they won’t let Becky into heaven I don’t want to go. I didn’t think it was possible to miss anyone as much as I miss her or that a heart could hurt this much without breaking. God be with you Becky I love you now and forever. Don’t forget me I wont forget you. Vince

Love you my little razorback beckers love you forever.


My little razorback Beckers I love you
Becky Ryan
Vince Ryan