Bee-Wee by Mona / Mommy

Bee-Wee was my best friend. We got her when she was only a kitten and her eyes were hardly open and after we brought her home, she thought that one of our daughters stuffed animals were her mama. She would try to nurse on it. Suck away and purr, she thought she had her mommy.

She was so special. She was always by my side. She always came in the bathroom when I took baths, and always liked drinking the hot water from it, never too hot for her, and she loved to talk to me with meows and
follow me where ever I went.

She would plant herself on top of our hot water heater downstairs and wait for me, and when she heard me come into the house, on top of the heater still, she would meow until I came down to her. She loved layer on the dryer when it was going for the heat. She loved sitting or laying by the heater in my room for heat, or the window. She laid on the foot of my bed until I came down and then she had to be by my head and even when I would wake up in the mornings, she would be on my back or my chest or in my covers.

She had a lot of names. I won’t get into all of them now, but they will be on my website when I get it going. But “Beebes” “Footeez” “Where’s my baby”? are just a few…

On Monday, May 5, 2003., I had to make the terrible decision to have her put to sleep. She had advanced liver disease and she had a total of three horrible seizures, that I had to decide, at the vets, even with the expensive treatments, she would only have 2 more weeks with me, so I couldn’t see her having anymore seizures and anymore pain…I decided, and believe me, it broke my heart…but I know my baby isn’t suffering anymore and I have memories, a lot of them with her in her 15 years with me…I love you, Footes. Rest in peace my baby and I’ll see you at Rainbow Bridge.


I love you forever and always,
5, May 2003