Beethoven by Emily Hoback / Mama

Beethoven came to me in October of 1998. I had always wanted a white cat and I saw him in the pet store and instantly feel in love with him. For four short years he was always by my side. We had so many good times together.

In late October he started using the bathroom outside of the litter box after I went on a weekend trip. I thought he was upset with me for leaving him home alone. Although my mother came by every day to spend time with him and feed and water him. I called my vet and made an appointment to take him in.

The day before his appointment I came home to find Beethoven unable to control his back legs well. I called my vet and twenty minutes later he met me at the hospital. Beethoven did not seem to be in pain. Dr. Andy examined him and said he was constipated, so he gave him a laxative and had him stay overnight. He said he would run blood work in the morning just in case. I went home feeling that Beethoven was safe and sound and would be home with Mama the next night.

The next morning I recieved a call from Dr. Andy he had bad news. Beethoven had passed some stool overnight but there was a large mass in his abdomen. He said this could be a blockage or a tumor. But since it had not moved overnight he was almost positive it was a tumor. I was so devistated I couldn’t even speak. Tears just ran down my face. Dr. Andy wanted to do some x-rays to find out what exactly we were dealing with. About 2pm I got a call back from Dr. Andy. There was a tumor the size of a softball that was involving the spleen, liver and part of the stomach. He said with the size and number of organs involved it would be almost impossible to take out. If Beethoven did survive the surgery he would never be the same again. He said he had maybe another 2-4 days left to live and near the end it would be very painful for him. I had to make a decision – let him suffer the pain or put him out of his misery and send him on to a better life in heaven.

I choose to have him put to sleep. I loved him too much to him suffer. I was able to see him before they put him to sleep and he looked so pitiful and skinny. He couldn’t even lift his hind legs. It helped me to know I was doing the right thing. I choose not to see him after he was put to sleep. My mother offered to take him home in her car because I knew I couldn’t handle it.

My “Baysha”, as I loved to call him was buried in a casket and vault I purchased from a funeral home. I just knew I couldn’t stand the thought of anything getting near him. These past few days have been really hard on me. But it has helped to know Beethoven is in heaven watching down over me. I know he would not want me to be sad, but happy because he has gone on to a better place. He will always be in my heart.


I Love You,
Emily Hoback