Bell by Lady Camelot / Lady Camelot

Paw Prints in Heaven
(Dedicated to our beloved “Bell”)

She graced our lives but only a while
Though she never said a word
Her heart was pure and filled with love
Never asking for reward.

Her gentle sride and peaceful greeetings
warm and always true
laying her head upon our knees
understanding, like she knew.

Never asking in return
For hugs and kisses, too
For she always stood nearby
to lend this favor to you.

She always loved to please
playing fetch, her favorite game
She loved to come and see
when someone called her name.

But as all things, even good must end
God now called her home
So now she runs with the angels above
Leaving her paw prints in heaven.

© LadyCamelot 2001

Our beloved Bell died suddenly and tragically from amyloidosis. She would have turned 6 years old the coming year. She was the light of our life and gave our family so much love, never asking for return.


Undying Memories,
1, Nov 2001
Lady Camelot