Belle by April


" Belle "

July 4 1992 ------ Nov. 18 1998



I have been lucky enough to know the unconditional love

That comes from having a friend one who loves you always

One who loves you no matter what no matter why.

You followed me through times of trial times of joy and love

Always by my side.

When I had nobody I always had you

I would hold you tight inside my arms cry into your hair

You understood as no one could what I felt inside at all times

There will never be another you you are irreplaceable

Forever you will remain in my heart in my soul I will love you always

You were my best friend my companion and my light in the darkness

Together we went through some of the hardest times of my life.

Now I have reached the hardest time thus far and still I feel you with me

You are gone I know that

But you are here deep inside my heart where you will always remain

Always my companion always faithful……..My Belle