Beloved Feline Friends by John

I Will Always Remember”

I will always remember that half smile of yours that always seemed so full of wisdom or mischief but never knowing which.

I will miss that special way you knew when my heart was heavy with grief and you curled up on my lap giving me much needed love to warm my soul.

I will cherish how you always found that one perfect ray of sunlight on the coldest winter day and treated it like the greatest give anyone could give.

I will smile every time I see shadows dance on the walls and how you chased invisibugs just to hear me laugh.

I will miss how you curled up against me while I slept keeping me warm at night and soothing me with your lullabye purrs.

I will remember how much you touched my life how much I love you and how very much I will miss you.

I will always remember.


Mommycat & Daddycat


Beloved Feline Friends
11, Oct 2001