Ben by Marion and Peter / Marion and Pete

We were looking around the dog rescue for a pup. Ben caught our eyes because he was full of energy and bouncing around playing with his brothers and sisters. We took him home and from that day he filled our lives with joy. He was gentle with children, loved to play games with anyone who had the time, he would always find a stream, pool or even a puddle when out on his walks and jump straight in, but he would never swim, he only ever paddled!

He was always so healthy that when he started to have the odd off day we put it down to old age, he was 13, little did we know that he was suffering from hemangiosarcoma. The off days became more frequent until one day we found him collapsed in the corner of the kitchen, panting for breath. I called the vet and I held him in my arms as he went peacefully to sleep one last time.


We miss you so much,
Marion and Peter