Benton by Duane & Pamela / Love,

Duane, Pam, Baxter, Tazz, Brandi,

Benton is a very special cat. He was born in a shelter and just waited for that special family to adopt him. He waited there with his brother for 7 long months. I could not resist the two orange boys and they became a part of our family. Benton was diagnosed with kidney failure three weeks ago-I never knew such a thing was so common in cats. He was too young for anything like this to happen!

We will miss him dearly! He had such a personality. He would make a “trumpet” sound when he was excited. He had a funny little run. He loved to play “fetch” with an old sock filled with catnip. He would bang the back of his rocking chair against the wall when it was dinner time. There are so many things he used to do that we will never experience again. I take comfort in the fact we were that special family who took him in. He needed us as much as we needed him.

We will meet you again at the Rainbow Bridge……..
never to be separated.


You will always be loved and never forgotten.
31, May 2005
Duane & Pamela