Berkeley James Erickson by Kristin and Max / Mommy and Daddy


You came to us as a 5 day old kitten we had to care for ever so delicately to ensure you would grow up to be strong and healthy. All those nights of feeding and cleaning you sure did pay off and you grew to be a long and skinny black cat who loved being a wild kitty almost as much as you loved curling up with your Mommy and Daddy. We were the ones you first saw when your little round eyes opened so you really were our first baby. Our precious baby who had such love eyes for us.

You were loved so very much by all who knew you and you brought more joy than you could ever imagine to us all. We will miss you so much, baby. I know we will see you again one day, but until then, I hope you continue to look down upon us and know you are loved.


You are in our hearts forever.

Berkeley James Erickson
6, June 2003
Kristin and Max