Bernarda by Tata / Tata

You were a sunbeam on my face
a light in oh so many ways
You never liked to see the leash
and you never liked my cauliflower quiche.
We went for walks through many parks
and usually you did not bark
For you were always obedient
truly a dog from heaven sent.
You drooled like any Saint Bernard.
I tried to stop it but it was hard.
Once you ran away from us
and we thought you might get run over by a bus
But you came back with unclean fur
and I even gave you a hug as you were
For our love was mutual
I never let anybody treat you brutal.
I know the good lord has you by his chair
and I hope they have your biscuit brand there
I know you will greet me at heavens gate
and until that day I cannot wait
But my sweet Bernarda, hush dear hush
we have eternity what´s the rush.


Eternal love,
8, April 2001