Bessie & Brie by Carole and Ken Miller


" Always "

" Brie " & " Bessie "

Sept. 1 1987 ------- Jan. 18 1999 ................. March 21 1986 ------- Dec. 23 1998

English Setters

Brie and Bessie so high in the sky.

Gentle birds whisper your song.

Cherished memories float amongst the rye.

Your love will be so ever long.


Memories of two side by side

Giving to others by your loving ways.

Two side by side enter the fields

Soaring winds spread your days.


Love of two side by side

Together now for ever more.

Hands of grace touch your stride

Heads held high like the Thor.


Two side by side sponsoring others

To the care of your touch.

Felt in the strings of the violins

Will forever hold your song.


Two side by side now at heaven's gate.

Watching close and waiting for the day

When we will experience our fate

To be with you both again in play.


Peace be with you both..Side by Side

Memories cannot be lost in our hearts.

Remembering you Day by Day.



Carole & Ken

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Bessie & Brie
Carole and Ken Miller