Bessie & Brie

For so many years you two have been a special part of our lives.

You were always there for us always giving never taking.

You pulled us up when we were down; you made us happy when we were sad.

You were always at the door when we returned and you let us know

how much you missed us. It didn’t matter if we had been gone for minutes

or weeks you always let us know that you were happy to have us back.

Gone now are the gentle nudges for a scratch behind the ears

and the requests for a tug of war with your favorite toys.

Gone are the frequent walks in the yard so you could check out the

trees and bushes for birds.

And gone are the ever-present wishes to show us how well you

could hunt for us.

Gone too are the warm welcomes that you gave to family and friends

when you were told it was OK to welcome them into our home.

Gone are the nose prints on the windows and the occasionally muddy

footprints on the family room floor.

Gone are the willing ears that always listened when we needed to

talk something through.

Gone are the heads on the knee when you just wanted to say,

“Hi we love you.”

These and a thousand other things that made you both so special are

now gone. However what remains and will always remain are the

memories of you both.

We will always remember your breaking new trails through fresh fallen

snow or checking out each new flower of spring.

We will remember the green feet that occurred after each mowing of the

lawn and the way you chased leaves on the autumn winds.

Most of all we will remember your gentleness your kindness and consideration.

We will remember the love that you gave and the joy that you brought

into our lives.

We will remember how you strengthened the bond of love that is between

us and we will always remember the strength you

gave us when times were bad.

Your pictures are there to always remind us what beautiful kind

compassionate generous and caring creatures you both were.

We will always miss you and we will always remember the

love that you gave us.

Thank you both for having been a part of our lives

and for being such wonderful friends.

Rest in peace gentle friends.

Ken and Carole


Bessie & Brie