Beth by Koontz


" Beth "

March 13 1995 ---- Sept. 8 1998


First I would like to say what a joy

that you brought to our lives though it was just for a short time

it was enough time to fill a lifetime of memories.

I once looked the meaning of your name up and found it means

"A joy in the house." And that you truly were.

I look back at the times that you heard fears- never once

complaining that we talked to much. You shared all of our happiness.

Though you only weighed 3lbs you left the biggest paw prints

on our hearts anad memories forever that could never

be replaced by another.

I know you are happy resting under the Walnut tree

for you liked to chase the squirrels gathering nuts back up.

So until we cross the Rainbow Bridge together

I know you will happy playing with the others there.

You went everywhere we went so it is truly hard getting

in the car wiwthout you knowing that you're not there

sitting on my shoulder looking out the window.

Sleep does not come easy. For we miss you there.

Singing "Happy Birthday" to you every night before you

settled down; laughing at your little clowny ways as you

would roll on your back and move your paws back anad forth.

When we were on the computer you were right there,

either licking our hand or stealing little puppy kisses.

I remember before the vet took you from our arms for the last time,

how you looked up at us as if you already knew your fate.

You licked our faces and we kissed you and told you how much

you were loved and how much you had meant to us.

I break into tears just recalling this time.

Some how I wish that I would wake up and find this all some

horrible nightmare and that I would find you sleeping in

one of your favorite spots.

I came in today and looked for you even though in my

mind I knew you were gone. I guess that it is just force of habit.

So until we get to the Rainbow Bridge,

we will keep you forever close to our hearts.

We love you always Beth (Weena)

Daddy and Mommy

Wayne and Cindy Koontz