BianBian by Dinah / Sis

My beloved dog BianBian, he passed away 6.25 a.m. this morning. (August 2nd 2010)

He was nearly 17 years old. I am overseas from home for about a month now. In this whole month I called my parents very day to check on BianBian. It was last week he started not eating not drinking.

My parents took him to vet. Veterinarians advised us to give up because he got serious organ failures. Veterinarians informed us that even if they give him treatment, he would live for at most 4 or 5 days. But we just couldn’t give him up. BianBian was my family member. We wouldn’t give him up anytime.

My parents took him to vet every morning and late in the after to give him intravenous for the whole week. He was too weak to move his body and bark in last 5 days. I talked to BianBian on phone every night to encourage him hold on till I go back home.

I had such a bad feeling last night. I missed BianBian so much. I called my parents several times in 2 hours. I asked them put the phone on BianBian’s ear. I spoke to him for 15 minutes. To our surprises, when I asked: ”can you hear me?” and he barked, with his weak voice. I think he knew he couldn’t go through last night. He barked to let me know that he loved me too for the last time.

I was so afraid of answering phones or receive text from my parents last whole week. Because when the phone ringing, I thought the bad news would come.

And it came this morning. It was 6.30a.m. . I was sleeping. I heard my mobile beeping. I got up immediately and check the message. It was from Dad. He text me: “Dear, BianBian passed away 5 minutes ago”. I burst into tears.

I called my parents and they were crying and couldn’t talk to me. Mum said he left in peace. It was like he is sleeping.

I can’t stop crying. I am so regret not being with him in his last days. I am writing my story here to memorize my beloved dog BianBian. We miss you so much. My dearest BianBian you are in our hearts forever.


With Love,