1978 —- 1999


I remember the day just before my 11th birthday when my parents

told me to sit down I thought I was in trouble so was getting a bit worried!

That was until my mum and dad told us that we were going to buy me a pony.

I had been ridding Billy for a few weeks and had fallen in love with him.

Over the next few months Bill and me became absolutely inseparable

and he became my best friend.

A year or so since I had him I started being bullied at school and was

having a really hard time Bill was always there for me and I don’t think I could

of gone on without him there always prepared to stand there for hours on

end while I’d talk to him and tell him all my problems and let me cuddle him.

Time went on and we did loads of things together we became the

combination in the dressage ring that everyone dreaded being against.

We won everything that we competed at dressage showing cross-country

show jumping etc.

I was offered loads of money on the spot at one competition for him

but I had to turn it down. He won about £5000 in prize money over

the years of competing.

Bill was my baby and I could never get rid of him.

Then after about 6 years of us being together I grew to big to ride him

regularly so the ride passed on to my little sister although he would never

behave or work so well as for me but I still looked after him and he would

still follow me everywhere!

Unfortunately when he was about 20 he became ill and his liver and kidneys

failed him and he had a condition called laminitis he lost weight

had colic regularly had diarrhea and became very depressed until one day

we said enough was enough and phoned the vet and he went to the

big paddock in the sky on the day of his 23rd birthday.

The hardest thing I have ever had to do was put him in the stable and

walk away from him and the vet could hear him whinneying to me to

come back and knowing I’d never see him again!!!