Billyy Biddy by Sandy Royall / mama

My little Billy bitsy my first goat, how I miss your kisses and your tricks… I misses your baa every time I go out to feed you.. Of course, you loveeeeee popcorn!.. I remember you tried to butt play me in my behind everytime I walk past you…How I misses your every attention you wanted from me.. you loveeeee being scratch on your back. I took you home with me because I don’t know why.. I just fell in love the way you beggin me to take you home..

I’m sorry you has to go the way like this… I never even got to say good bye to you because I found you the next morning on the gound.. I’m sorry I never got to fix you a fence area where you can be free and running in the area… I only has you a month and fell in love with you..
How can someone do this to you.. Taking away my bestest friend and take your life with air rifle for fun? Why??? You have done nothing wrong! I wish I knew who did this to you.. Gosh I miss you so much that I’m still crying everytime I see your picture!…

I know you are not hurting anymore and are free up there.. Just wait for me at the gate when I am ready to come home… along with other of my fur and feathered babies..

You’re nothing like any other goats I ever know of… You’re the special goat that love to greet everyone and everyone fell in love with you… Of course my family misses you too..
Run free and Baaaaa all you wants and eat that fresh green pasture..I love you


With love,
Billyy Biddy
16, Sep 2005
Sandy Royall