Bingo by Monica / Monica

Bingo you were the most loyalist dog
You we beside me thru tough times and simple lies
thru tunnels and caves
in water and sand
Always beside me
Guarding my every hand
when you past away
that horrible day
I was staying up thinking of you
how you saved my life
and how I failed to save yours
you don’t know when a dog’ll get cancer, it’s like a dice
and I felt terrible about everything
but then you came, that was certainly not nothing.

I would like to say thank you for everything you did to my family, all the good things you brought upon us, I learned everything from you, grrring and barking and licking water, so wise, you were my everything, now i have nothing, except your little…yellow…collar :'( thank you bingo for so much you did I wish I time together would never end.

That night I was crying
but I felt you there with me
happiness came and I was alright
I’m sorry bingo we really all miss you
thank you again
and again and again…
that night when you visited helped me get to sleep know you were there…thank you forever be with you.


With love always and forever together,
28, Nov 2004