Oct. 20 2001

Long Domestic Kittie

I came to be Bink’s human by accident.

Someone in their infinite wisdom had tossed her and her brother

to the side of the road

in a paper sack with some discarded clothing.

I happened to be outside doing yard work when I heard kittens mewing.

Finding them as carelessly discarded

as the old clothes broke my heart.

How could anyone not care about these living creatures.

I took them in and fed them the best I could since

they were far from ready to be weaned.

They learned quickly to drink from a saucer

but Binks being the smallest and a dainty little girl would cuddle

up to me at night and nurse on my earlobe.

Even though it drove me nuts

I couldn’t deny her that small comfort

knowing how her life had started off.

From the moment she came into my life until the day she left

she did nothing but give me

happiness companionship and unconditional love.

Always seeming to know

when I needed to have her on my lap to comfort me.

I have always had cats but she was special.

She always need to be touched and to touch

to let me know how much she cared for me as I cared for her.

When she became ill I wanted to hold on to her,

being greedy not wanting to let go.

But when I realized how bad she was feeling

I knew it was time for her to go on.

I hope that the Rainbow bridge is in fact real and

that she will be there waiting for me

when it comes time for me to cross over

and she forgives me for being selfish for keeping her with me

as long as I did when she was ready to go.

She will always be with me in my heart as I hope I will be in hers.

Good Binks may your purr forever be strong.

I love you and miss you now and always.