Binky by Laurie

Tribute to Binky

I remember the day you came to me a scrappy skinny sweet little kitty with flashing eyes and a raspy loud meow. It was October 1997. As I fed you and watched you sleep in the big clay flowerpot to escape the harsh Simi Valley Winds I thought to myself that if you were my kitty I would name you Binky because you looked like “Binx” the black cat in the movie “Hocus Pocus.”

You first came to my door when Pepper’s health was rapidly declining. You were the sweet little angel girl that comforted me when Pepper died. You eased my pain and never left my side. I truly believe that it was you that adopted me and for that I will be forever grateful; I was the lucky one to have such a sweet furbaby come into my life.

My sweet little Binky–friend to everyone you may have been abandoned or dumped in the neighborhood but you never lost your trust of people and your will to live. Right now your raspy meow and jingling bells would be music to my ears. It was a delight to see your little tail quiver in anticipation of my attention a little cuddle or some of your favorite kitty treats. With gray whiskers on one side and black whiskers on the other you had the face of an angel and that is why I sometimes called you “my sweet little angel girl.” It was you that I looked for when I came home every day.

I miss the way you woke me up every morning when you decided it was time for your breakfast. You know I always could feel you watching me after you hopped onto my bed from the dresser; I then would look back at your sweet little kitty face and you would talk to me with your raspy meow. The mornings that you did not greet me in bed I knew that you must not have been feeling well. I then knew that our time together was running out. On November 8 2000 you passed from this world.

I’m sorry my furbaby that you suffered. I thought that the doctors could make you better for a while but your little body was too weak and old to fight the cancer. I’m sorry for the daily trips to your vet. The doctors told me that you were not in pain. But now I believe different. I regret that your last trip to the doctor was painful and it frightened you. I miss you terribly and want you back. The cedar box that holds your ashes sits on my dresser. I never thought that your next trip home from the vet would be in a little cedar box.

Mommy loves you and will never forget you. My sweet Binky go find Pepper at the Rainbow Bridge and wait for mommy there. I love you my little one.

Mommy Laurie


8, Nov 2000