Binky by ML Wojnoski / Lou

Binky was a little white furball, found in a snowdrift, by a kindly woman who loves cats. Poor little thing had everything wrong with her– a large animal bite on her tender back, frostbite on her little ear, mal-nourishment, and more. I guess that she was trying to survive as best as she could.

I’ll never forget the joyful moment that Binky and I connected. Her big eyes peeping over the blanket that the kind woman was carrying her in. My life changed for the better.

My little pink and white kitty (a pink scar on her back from her earlier mishap) learned to become a beloved, playful, and affectionate best friend. And she thrived. I respected her wish that she’d be a happy Only Cat because of her traumatic beginnings. She wanted one bond.
It was her and me.

My Binky helped me in so many ways, easing my loneliness, making me laugh, helping me through the assortment of life’s hardships and heartbreaks throughout the years. She was there for me when I went through a severe depression, and for that, I’ll always be grateful. She enjoyed her ongoing assignment– Feline Alarm Clock– waking me promptly at 4:00 AM so that I could open my little French bakery on time. And in return, I loved to spoil her…more than that,
I loved to love her.

Binky, my darling kitty girl, I’m sorry that you were recently in pain and had to leave us. I’m still in shock. Please know that I feel you are with me every night; I hear your soft little “prrrrt” and imagine you in “your spot” on the bed. How I long to hold you on my shoulder again and feel your soft paws kneading me, just as they did for the very last time at the vet’s.

Thank you, Binks, for loving me. Your pictures will always be in the bakery for people to admire and you will always be in my heart.


With love and thanks,
ML Wojnoski