BJ by Amanda Holloway / From,


BJ was born in a litter of 6 puppies. But from the day he was born, I knew that there was something wrong with him. He did not act like the other puppies, he was different. When all of the other puppies were sold, me and my grandma took BJ to the vet to see what was wrong with him. The vet told us just what we feared, BJ had cancer.

I sat there and cried for a long time because I knew that he did not have much longer to live. When I got back home, I took BJ outside to play with him. But about five minuites later, he was having a seizure! Quickly, I ran to pick him up, but when I did, he came out of the seizure, took one last look at me, and died right in my arms.
I hope his last thoughts were peaceful.


I love you and always will BJ,
Amanda Holloway