Blackie by Bethany / Love your Friends,

Bethany, Cookie, and S

I stood. My body trembling. I just heard the words “Blackie got run over!” I didn’t want to believe I wanted to think he just got nicked. “Oh no!” I heard my mother. By the crack in her voice I could tell she was crying. I looked up “Please God don’t take him!” I couldn’t believe it. I wanted to just go on like nothing happened. Mustering up the courage
I walked out there.

A large truck sat in our driveway. Blackie layed at the back of it. Crying I knelt beside him. “Is he dead?” I asked sobbing. “He’s heart just about stopped. My mom answered. I leaned over kissing him on the head I said, “I love you bud I’ll always will.”

“His heart just stopped,” mom said. “I’m sorry I’m real sorry,” said the man. I had blood on my hands and shirt. I trembled all over. Just minutes ago he was so a live. I told the man it wasn’t his fault then gently scooped up my limp Friend. I talked to him. Told him to say hey to Whiney for me.

Blackie like chasing cows. So did Whiney. I know they’ll get along fine. Blackie was a sweet dog. Always walked me to where ever I went. Hung out in the cow pasture with us. Me, Cookie and Scrappy now have to go on, with out our beloved friend. But we wont for get him.
We love you always Bud.


I love you Bud for ever and always. XXOO