Blackkey by Sherry / MOMMA

One day while my Husband (Donny) was at work (1992) a neighbor came over and told me about a 9 year old female Chihuahua (named Cha Cha) that was fixing to go to the pound, because the owners could not find a home to where they could keep her with them. I took one look at her and said they could come and visit her any time they wanted.

Two months later we moved and Cha Cha went with us. As we got to know each other, Cha Cha showed us just how protective she could be. (She hated guns and knives, even the play toys).

As the years went by and we knew she would pass on, we went to looking for a another Chihuahua just like the one Donny used to have, and on April 10, 1995 we found one (He was seven weeks old and shy). We introduced him to Cha Cha and she fell in love with him, too. As we took him home and we were deciding names I looked at him and said you are the black key to my heart
and his name stuck after that, as Blackkey.

Cha Cha taught him alot as he was growing up and (like hating guns and knives). Then one day when Blackkey was 2, Cha Cha got hit by a truck and Blackkey had seen it and pulled her off the side of the road to a tree. My neighbors could not believe what they had seen (a small dog pulling a bigger dog off the road). No one could tell me who did it, but Blackkey knew, he would only chase a certain vehicle when it came down the road. He would not eat or anything for 3 weeks and that is when we decided to get another Chihuahua.

Then we found one identical to Cha Cha (same looks and actions) the owners had named her Lady, so we took her home. As I would take her outside to potty, and she would try to go near the street, Blackkey would dart in front of her as to say no and nudge her back toward the house (she was 6 months old before Blackkey
allowed her to go near the street).

When Lady was 1 1/2 years old and had her second litter of pups, (which we kept a female and named her Brownie), Blackkey started the training all over again. Brownie would go near the street and Blackkey would push her back to the house, and scold her; then as mom and dad would cross the street Brownie would sit there and whine, until they came back (Brownie was also 6 months old before she got to cross the street)and (now at the age of 3, Brownie still does not leave the yard). I knew then that Cha Cha had taught Blackkey well before she left.

Then one day (at the age of 7) Blackkey starts to have pains and we go to the vet, she gives him a pain shot and he starts feeling just like himself, Playing and jumping like nothing was wrong. A month later cold weather sets in and he goes to crying and we go back to the vet to give him the shot. He welcomes it, and I told the vet (after the shot)that if he was to have so much pain, I did not want to see him suffer. She said don’t worry about it, he will be like himself in no time and we went home. Later that night when I went looking for him, and found that he had passed on to a better place.
(I knew that he would not suffer anymore).

People tell me that I told him he could go, by the way I said I didn’t want him to suffer, so he left knowing that we loved him. I know that Lady and Brownie miss him, because of the way they play together now,
(just like the way he used to play with them).

We miss them both and we know that they will always have a place in our hearts forever and ever. Their spirit will watch over all of us and eventually we will all be together again laughing and playing
just like old times.

Blackkey will always remain