Blake by Annie Kaplan / Blake’s Girl

Never to feel his breath on my neck…
Never to feel his muscles beneath me…
Never to see his ears flick back toward me as I whisper words of praise after a particularly good canter…
Never to be scared out of my wits (exaggeration) as he “remembered his racing days” up on the hills and begins to jump and half-rear and spook at things only he can see…
Never to have his muzzle rested light as a feather upon my shoulder…
Never to streak forward at lightening speeds after the jolt of one of his crazier jumps…
Never to have him nibble at my fingers in hopes that they will become carrots…
Never to lean against him, putting my head just below his withers and see him turn his head to eye me curiously, then return to his feed…
Never to murmur comforting, reassuring words while stroking him, during a thunderstorm, or when he is sick…
I remember…
I remember:
Plunging over jumps with you
Your excitement prancing up and down the muddy slopes
Trailing Midnight, taking circle after circle to create distance but always catching him
Cantering up a particularly steep hill, you stumbling, I clinging and reaching the top to slide off,
Landing on my back while you stood patiently, waiting
With you
With you:
I took my first fall
I went on my first trail ride
I jumped my first jumps

In you, I found my first love.
You were a challenge
You were known as the bounciest horse at the barn
But whenever I would canter without stirrups, something you knew was very difficult for me, you would collect yourself and make your gait as smooth as you could to make it easier for me
As I progressed, you made yourself more difficult
You taught me not only how to ride but how to ride a tricky horse
You touched so many lives
You meant so much to me
You taught so many so much
I miss you
My Mr. B
My Blake
My Razzmatazz
My SteepleChaserWannaBe
My Little Racehorse
You were the bright light in my life
Thank You
My Mister B
My Little Racer
My Razzmatazz
My SteepleChaserWannaBe
My Blake

If you could put the son, “My Immortal” by Evanescence as the music, or “Broken” by Seether w/ or w/out Amy Lee that would be great. I can tell you where to get the codes for them. If not, My Heart will Go On is fine. Thanks.


You will be forever with me,
Love always,
20, Sep 2004
Annie Kaplan