Blanche by Paul Pennock / Paul


I can still see the day
That you came into my life
You fit in the palm of my hand
So little, and light.

I would have never believed it
If someone had told me then
Just how much we’d love each other
Through all the thick and thin.

Seventeen years later
My heart now filled with grief
You suddenly got very ill
You were so tired and weak

Its been one week since you left us
I still can not believe its so
And then I see the urn of ashes
That’s why I’m feeling so low

Is it possible for you to realize
How much you meant to me?
And how you took part of me with you
Can you see me grieve?

So where are you now?
Is there really a heaven, like they say so on earth?
Are you watching over us?
To protect us from all life’s hurt?

I will not say goodbye dear Blanche
I’ll just say “so long for now”
Because they say I will see you again
When I take my final bow


I will never forget you Miss Blanche,
1, Dec 2002
Paul Pennock